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Proman - Back Systems



  Proman - Back Systems


Pallets racks Shelving racks
Cantilevered racls

Shelving racks

The shelving racks for different loadings are manufactured for the loading from 50 to 900kg per shelf; the height of a stand is up to 11m. They fit either to simple or double-decker stores.

After the usage determination of the racks is possible put to racks a lots of type of the apparatus

  • pallets from grates in combination behind the catching baths for the storage of the chemicals or mineral oils
  • the dividers for the dividing of the pallets
  • special beams for laying up the clothes and hangers
  • bunker shelves for the small material
  • the bars for hanging of the ladder
  • side and back walls
слика слика слика
слика слика слика

Download the catalog (.pdf, 301 KB)

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