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Proman - Back Systems



  Proman - Back Systems


Pallets racks Shelving racks
Cantilevered racls

Pallet racks

The prefabricated system for the heights up to 20m and for the cell loading up to 4500kg. The rack pillars are attached by screws to hold more than 20 tons. Pallet beams are manufactured in optional length and in a number of a cross-section and are imaginable without screw connection. Rack cells are possible to refill by beams, iron sheet shelves, chipboard, grates etc.

  • Wide assortment of construction parts for different loading capacity allowed to construct and give the optimal variant of the rack construction.
  • Surface condition of construction is made by burned and powdered colors. The colored designing is in tones RAL by the request of customer. The
    possibility of galvanized design.
слика слика слика
слика слика слика

Download the catalog (.pdf, 794 KB)

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