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The company S&A was founded by "Bursztynnik Roku 2003" Adam Pstragowski. S&A is the leader of Polish amber market for production of gold and silver amber jewellery. Their products are subject to constant technology and pattern-designing control. They have own amber grinding department and casting department assure top quality of each model of jewelry and uniqueness of the design. The company owns modern equipment and machinery and, at the same time they keep their handcrafts traditions. There are more than ten young and talented passionate designers who are working every day for Pstragowski Studio Design and they create the collections covering nearly 6000 designs. In 2008, they started to cooperate with Swarovski Company, producing jewellery with Swarovski crystals.

Some interesting facts about the Amber:
Amber is 40 million years old resin, which now it is found on Baltic Sea shore.
The chemical name of amber is Succynit and it is known since 2000 years. In ancient times there was Amber Route which leaded from Italy to Gdansk- capital of Amber.
Во Античко време постоел „Пат на Килибарот“ кој водел од Италија до Гдањск – центарот на килибарот.
Amber exists in 3 parts of Baltic area:
Kaliningrad (Russia) - the amber from this region is most popular;
Poland- amber in this region is very deep in the earth but very beautiful;
Ukraine-the amber in this region is not good quality.

People believed that the amber is a magical stone:
  • it is always warm
  • it has a pleasant lemon smell
  • it changes with time and atmosphere conditions
Amber has Amber acid which has healing effects - it is used in medicine and cosmetics:
  • it helps with joint rheumatic aches and head aches;
  • it helps skin to remain young;
  • helps in lungs disease.

Amber has different colors:
White, honey lemon-transparent, cognac, cherry, green and sometimes blue.
Sometimes you can find plant inclusions or insects inside. Let's not forget that amber is 40 million years old and these specific pieces of amber have great value.

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