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  Club 200


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Euro Business Center Skopje as a publisher of the publication 200 LARGEST COMPANIES IN MACEDONIA, is organizing CLUB 200 under general patronage of AD Makedonski Telekomunikacii.

Benefits of the members of CLUB 200:

  1. The purpose of the club is to secure and offer a wider range of services to its members;
  2. The membership in the club means participation in a larger network of contacts for inter - trading, which will increase with partnership and cooperation with other clubs in the country and abroad;
  3. The membership in the club has huge benefits, of which is effective lobbying and representation of the members at local, regional and international level;
  4. The club is also an information service a source of information about investments regimes and opportunities, trade, customs, tax procedures and rules;
  5. The club, as a representative of the companies, will give proposals, suggestions for assigned law proposals, regulations which should be brought by the Government of the R. Macedonia;
  6. All the members represented on the clubs web site, where they have a link to their own web page;
  7. Exchange of knowledge, experience and information through organization of seminars with experts from the country and abroad.

The membership is voluntary and a company can become a member with signed Application for membership by the General Manager. The duration of the membership is 1 year from the day of Your application.

For the companies that participate in the edition 200 Largest for the current year, the fee is free. For the rest of the companies the fee is 70 annually + VAT, in denars.. 

Become a member and use the benefits that Club 200 offers.

Application for membership